What We Do

Infinite Vision offers a comprehensive ophthalmology service utilising the latest technology. 99% of all diseases of, and around, the eye can be managed by our experienced team of surgeons, optometrists and technicians. Our mission is to make quality and innovative eye care as accessible as possible.

Services offered:

Cataract surgery and insertion of intraocular lenses
Refractive lensectomies – removal of the clear lens in the eye and insertion of artificial lenses to reduce the need for glasses

Laser eye surgery for vision correction, restoration, glaucoma and retinal diseases

Insertion of implantable contact lenses

Pterygium and eye cancer surgery

Corneal collagen cross-linking for keratoconus

Corneal transplantation, both full and partial thickness and stem cell transplants

Surgical treatment for the watering eye, including minimally invasive surgeries

Assessment and management of macular degeneration, including injections, laser and implants

Management of dry eye and blepharitis, including the latest intense pulse light therapies (IPL)

Surgery for periocular tumours and malpositions of the lid, such as droopy lids, excess skin and sagging lower eyelids

Glaucoma assessment and treatment involving medical therapies, the full range of glaucoma operations along with advanced laser remedies to reduce dependence on eye drops

Surgery for turned eyes to alleviate double vision and cosmetic concerns

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